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Michael Waite's songwriting is thoughtful Americana without any glitz, both brutally and joyously honest. He lives with his family in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and draws from a repertoire of hundreds of songs ranging in style from Irish folk to bebop to popular hits.  His delivery of his own songs and interpretations of others is influenced by his first musical exploration, the jazz trombone.

     Erica Waite practically grew up in a ballet studio.  The two of them met while studying their respective professions in Kalamazoo.  They backpacked across the country for a year or two, riding freight trains and working on the Bering Sea before settling down in the Huron Mountains north of Marquette, MI.  There they built their own house off the grid which features a dance and music studio.  They home school their three children there and wherever the path of a mindful performing duo leads them.  You can find them performing together at festivals and occasional concerts.  Michael can be found performing regularly at locations in the Marquette area and periodic trips around the region.

His velvet voice, smooth finger-picking acoustic guitar style combined with honest, beautifully crafted songs will touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye. Songs about friendship, love, bad habits, and the good life
— John Churchville, Tabla master
One of the best one-man shows you’ll ever see
— The North Wind, NMU student newspaper
One of my favorite songwriters and singers in Michigan
— Joshua Davis, Singer/Songwriter
Marquette’s quintessential roots singer-songwriter
— Adam Robarge, Ore Dock Brewing
Michael Waite likes to keep things simple so the listener can understand his lyrics. ...’Spread The Love Around’ is so catchy that you really can not sit
— www.rootstime.be
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